At this time of year, most chess clubs would have had their AGMs and be looking forward to a new season of over the board chess, in leagues, tournaments and internal club competitions. Sadly, due to the world wide pandemic that has savaged every walk of our lives, face to face chess battles have been put on long term hold. However, unlike many other sports, thanks to the great advances in internet technologies over the past few years, we have a good alternative at our disposal.


Internet chess has expanded to fill the void left by the absence of over the board chess, and our Chess Club has embraced the opportunities on offer  with open arms.


Milton Keynes Online Chess Club is hosted by the Lichess internet chess platform. Lichess is one of the best and most advanced platforms around. The project is Open Source, does not carry any advertising and is free to use.


Your are more than welcome to join our club in cyberspace as a guest member. There are three essential but very straight forward steps.


  1. Open a free Lichess account, which you can easily do Here.
  2. Sign in to your new account, go along to our Milton Keynes Online Chess Club, which you can do Here, and click the JOIN button on that page.
  3. Send us a message via our Contact Page, stating your full name and new Lichess User Name, so that we know who you are and can keep you informed about matters relating to Milton Keynes Chess Club.


If your application to join is successful, your Lichess User Name will appear at the top of the list of other members on the Milton Keynes Online Chess Club page.


As a guest member of Milton Keynes Online Chess Club you will be able to compete in the events we put on, such as Blitz, Rapid Play and Long Play Swiss tournaments.

Club News  |  13th October 2020  -   Our Online Chess Club.