In response to the halting of all 'over the board' matchplay caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, Milton Keynes Chess Club has entered the fast growing world of serious internet chess.


Milton Keynes Online Chess Club exists on the popular Lichess platform. Lichess was launched on the 20th of June 2010. It was created by lovers of chess for lovers of chess. Lichess is unique among chess platforms in that all of its comprehensive and advanced facilities and tools are available to players around the world completely free of charge. Also, Lichess does not carry any advertising. These facts make Lichess the very best place to play chess online, whether you are an absolute beginner or an International Master.


The Lichess desgners have tried to make playing chess online feel as close to the over the board experience as possible.  For example, at the conclusion of an over the board battle in our local club, we often like to analyse the game with our opponent. This is possible on Lichess by using 'Study' mode. In Study mode you and your opponent can move the pieces around the same board together. As well as your opponent, you can invite as many other players as you like to join in the analysis. You can communicate via the usual game chat window, or you could speak directly to your opponent over one of the many communication channels provided by likes of Zoom or WhatsApp. You can find out more about the power of Study mode in this YouTube video.


Your are more than welcome to join Milton Keynes Online Chess Club as a guest member. In order to join us you must carry out three essential but very straight forward steps.


  1. Open a free Lichess account, which you can easily do Here.
  2. Sign in to your new account, go along to our Milton Keynes Online Chess Club, which you can do Here, and click the JOIN button on that page.
  3. Send us a message via our Contact Page, stating your full name and new Lichess User Name, so that we know who you are and can keep you informed about matters relating to Milton Keynes Chess Club.


If your application to join is successful, your Lichess User Name will appear at the top of the list of other members on the Milton Keynes Online Chess Club page.


As a guest member of Milton Keynes Online Chess Club you will be able to compete in the many events we put on, such as Blitz tournaments, Rapid Play tournaments and Long Play Swiss tournaments. We look forward to hearing from you and playing some games with you.

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